The Legendry Father of Karate in India, Renshi R.V.T.Mani was born on 14th March 1944. His interest in martial arts blossomed at a very tender age of 8. He learnt the art of Silambam (Indian system of defense with a Stick) from various masters. He went on to master this art and various other forms of Indian Martial Arts.

What fascinated him about Karate was the combination of hard and soft animal like movements, the use of the entire body for self defense and the discipline of body and mind one acquired with training in order to perform one’s duties in daily life.

Renshi Mani trained for many years under Great Masters like Hanshi Gogen Yamaguchi (Goju Ryu), Dr.Masaaki Hatsumi the 34th Soke (Grand Master) of Togakure Ryu. Togakure Ryu dates back to feudal Japan, Arakawa Sensei and Inoue Sensei (Weapon Training). Apart from the Martial Arts, he attained the Masters Certificate in Kundalini Yoga from World Community Service Centre under Shri Vethathri Maharishi.

Renshi Mani established Budokai (Academy of Martial Arts) in the year1965. Since then, Budokai has been instrumental in training people from all walks of life. The defence forces, police – men and women, children, ladies, businessmen, paramilitary forces, industrial security personnel, government security personnel etc. Renshi Mani’s contribution to humanity through Budokai cannot be mentioned in a few lines.

The Legend passed away after a brief illness at the young age of 50 on May 1st 1994.

Sensei Vasanth Kumar, younger brother of Renshi Mani took over the leadership of Budokai and continued to maintain the standards set by the founder. Sensei Vasanth also trained under the guidance of Hanshi Gogen Yamaguchi. He was active right upto his demise due to cancer on November 12th 2007 at the age of 56.

Budokai is now under the leadership of Shiandai Anand Mohan. Shiandai Anand Mohan’s contact with the martial arts started at the age of 12. He practiced Silambam first before he came under the tutelage of Renshi Mani. He joined Budokai in 1969 and he was Renshi Mani’s personal student. He is the first student of Budokai to be graded Black Belt by Renshi Mani. The two surviving direct students of Renshi Mani are Shiandai Anand Mohan and Sensei Bruce Robson. Sensei Bruce Robson takes charge of the Coimbatore Branch of Budokai.

The strength of Budokai lies in the traditional methods of training. Budokai is spread allover the country.

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